Emotional Feng Shui

Now there’s a concept and one that fits wonderfully well with clearing mind clutter.

What’s mind clutter? It’s just like we have a space in our heads and it gets full up with emotional junk accumulated through our experiences. And just like our houses we shove things in cupboards instead of clearing them out and allowing fresh air, and good balanced energy.

In our thoughts and emotions we need to clear this clutter also so we can think with clarity and think about our problems appropriately.

All this is explained in CHiNOSIS – energy self-hypnosis the e-book.

Response is a choice thing

The only thing I can control is the way I choose to respond.

Think about it – take responsibility for your actions and you can control how you respond.

It isn’t what people do to you – it’s what you do to yourself.

Why are you angry at the person who made you angry?

Think on


Energy and Past Life Regression

Been thinking about energy and Past Lives. Past Life Regression is a fascinating subject. It all depends what you think and believe.

If like me you understand that we are energy and that energy can’t die and that time as Einstein said is a bubble. (There are linear theorists out there.) Then you will understand my reasoning that when we die our physical body – or manifestation – dissolves but the energy just carries on floating around the universe until it attaches itself to some other entity. As all our memories are stored in our energy then it is logical that if our energy attaches itself to another life then that life will be able to access that past life memory or even future life memory, as that of Da Vinci.

In a nutshell but only a belief.

Personal Development is a scam!

I couldn’t help but make a comment on this youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvRvgPGtNUw about whether the people writing self help books and or making sense of the law of attraction are just making money out of gullible people.

Because I with my partner Jonathan Chase http://www.thehypnotists.com/ are in this industry I have a personal and vested interest in what is being said and think it’s no more of a scam than anything else.

The criticisms are that self help books don’t work and that they just exploit the vulnerable. I would argue that no one forces anyone to buy self help books or any other kind of books.

Is a best selling author making money out of people who continually buy their works of fiction? Of course they are, but an individual chooses to buy these books because they get a lot out of them. So when the author writes another book that isn’t as good as the last one but still people buy it because they thought they were going to get something out of it and they don’t, is that author then exploiting those people?

The same could be said of music – some people getting very rich at the expense of the gullible, because the gullible happen to like their music? Are all bestselling authors, musicians, actors, performers, entertainers getting fat and happy out of the gullible who happen to buy these things?

Some people just don’t want to be free of their problems and are looking for a quick fix and they will keep buying till they find it.

Quick fixes aside it seems odd to me that anyone can shout scam about one thing and not about all and every single industry – we are all guilty of wanting to be successful, otherwise what is the point in doing anything at all.

We all want to feel that someone will buy or get something from what we have to offer, we all want to give of ourselves – particularly those in the self help industry – surely that’s the point.

‘you are a miracle waiting to happen’

It’s all down to interpretation

Just talking to Jon and I liked what he said, “it’s all down to interpretation”.

Just stroking someone’s arm.

It could be sensual – if you were in the right mood
It could be scary – If you were tyed up and didn’t know the person
It could be warm and comforting – if you were feeling down

The stroke is exactly the same – it is how you interpret it.

Get your energies right and good stuff will come

Happy New year! 2007 is going to be great – mind you that’s the optimism that starts every year and mostly good stuff does happen.

There are times though when it doesn’t and nobody is immune to outside stressors, worries and fears.

So how do we achieve emotional control and balance. How do we symbolise things?

Here are two little excercises I want you to do. Close your eyes and think of a door – describe that door to yourself – out loud as if you’re talking to someone else who is with you and if someone else is with you then great, describe the door to them.

Now think of say – depression and describe it or maybe just describe some emotion that you feel around a problem that might be holding you back from something.

Now you have given it a shape – a colour – maybe a visual – now you can see it doesn’t seem so bad does it.

Reiki and Chinosis

I read a personal Reiki experience a few days ago and having thought about realise how well Reiki and Chinosis will work together.

The woman who was being treated for arthritis pain and who had never experienced any kind of healing before reported being very relaxed and seeing colours. She also reported no sense of time passing and was surprised to find an hour had passed.

She was delighted with the treatment an reported no pain whilst sitting – however she fully expected to get pain when she walked – I wonder who gave her that suggestion.

If the Rieiki practioner had known how to coach Chinosis she could have used it first to change the emotional response to the pain before the Reiki session. As the woman had entered a trance state anyway in the session the Reiki practioner could have beeen putting positive suggestions in all the way through – like there will be no discomfort while sitting or walking or going about your life.

Wow what a combination.

Are you afraid of falling on your face?

So you’ve had a great idea – it presses all your bells and whistles you feel wonderful, inspired, truly wonderful. Then along comes another thought, a thought that says hey wait a minute, lets think about this, what if I fall on my face and when I’m there, how long do I stay down.

So maybe you don’t see that great idea through because you are afraid of falling on your face.

What if though you realise that all the people in the world are doing the very things that you want to do because these are your ideas and you think you can do better. The one thing that separates them from you is that they are doing them and you aren’t. And why aren’t you doing them? Because you’re afraid of falling on your face.

You need to change the patterns that create the fear. You need to see your things through – you need to take action.

Change your language

I have returned from the sleepy world. Maybe my technique works too well.

I was out the other day and heard this bit of wisdom. Eliminate the words Don’t Not and No from your your vocabularly.

When you change the way you say things then your thoughts vibrate in a different way and you start to get what you focus on.

For example you might say – “Don’t forget” instead say “remember” – “I don’t want to see you do that again” instead say “Do it this way”

Always focus on what you want. Use Chinosis to do this if you need to change your mindset.