Category: It’s All In The Mind

Personal Development is a scam!

I couldn’t help but make a comment on this youtube about whether the people writing self help books and or making sense of the law of attraction are just making money out of gullible people. Because I with my partner Jonathan Chase are in this industry I have a personal and vested interest […]

Get your energies right and good stuff will come

Happy New year! 2007 is going to be great – mind you that’s the optimism that starts every year and mostly good stuff does happen. There are times though when it doesn’t and nobody is immune to outside stressors, worries and fears. So how do we achieve emotional control and balance. How do we symbolise […]

Reiki and Chinosis

I read a personal Reiki experience a few days ago and having thought about realise how well Reiki and Chinosis will work together. The woman who was being treated for arthritis pain and who had never experienced any kind of healing before reported being very relaxed and seeing colours. She also reported no sense of […]

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