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Jane Bregazzi at 20 #bowbooks #janebregazzi Hi I’m Jane, I’ll start with me at 20.
There you go now that done… back to the future.

Several years ago, and this may seem a little odd, when Cher made a sort of comeback dressed in black see-through outfits and looking like she was 30, but of course we all knew she was 55 and had large amounts of Botox and other things to do with lifting and tucking etc… I wondered what I would look like at 55. Well now I know.

Yep I was only 55 here in the BW photo, and eek 10 years later the present wearing the same blouse! And blurry – well you do blurry when you get older ?

I did of course have lots of clothes changes and hair changes too between 20 & 55! And a couple of children who now have their children.

The thing is getting older is a reality and all of a sudden it sets up a bit of panic in you, which is strange really because I always thought I was getting senior at 30, then you hit 40 when life is supposed to start:-) And when I hit 50 and the Menopause, or as Iris Murdoch put it, the Men O Pause I suddenly understood.

A good friend of mine once threw a startling statistic at me. He said did I know that 4 out of 5 women preferred gardening to sex! At the time I thought crazy people, but then I hadn’t hit the Men O Pause hmmm and I guess that statistically because I am a baby boomer that there is quite possibly a lot of women around my age. You can see how the panic starts to set in and the idea of botox, but I reckon I have a while to go yet, but then I know it’s attitude. I haven’t spent the last 10 years understanding the head thing for nothing.

Through all these years though from when I was a hedonistic 20 year old studying for a Photography degree, I have from the age of about 8 been involved with books, from reading to writing stories, to publishing as an indie publisher. I love books, the written word, the way that books can move you, can leave their imprint on you. I especially love this time of the internet, self publishing and love it or hate it, Amazon gave the author an exhibition space, that for most wasn’t previously possible. As I enter the last quarter of my life, I have very intention to use this wonderful expansion of the human consciousness and hope that I can give something back.

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