Know Yourself

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I was told a startling truth today. Not startling in the sense I was devastated by it but startled in the sense I knew it but had never taken notice of it or looked at it in simple terms.

I do not mind other people’s opinion of me, what I look like, how I dress, what I say.

It was a rule of my life that had protected me all my life from others and what they might have to say about me.

Maybe born out of social anxiety that appeared to control me for 35yrs. Maybe the lesson learned was a self awareness an inner strength because ultimately you are alone in this world.

Not an island, not through the outer walls that we build, not through the walls of thorns and barbed wire that keep you safe, more a lack of doubt that you know yourself and are happy about what you see inside, constantly learning to correct anything that you may find contentious – not really you.

Being true to yourself is perhaps the hardest thing we have to come to terms with, we all play roles to protect ourselves, but true protection comes from within in knowing yourself.

Do you have Core Rapport?

Future Projections

Future Projections the blog of Jane Bregazzi

Do you even think about the future? What is future to you?

No I’m not thinking of the children’s or the grandchildren’s future, let’s be a bit myopic here I’m still on my future!

In the 1980’s we had a red phone that could be plugged into a phone socket it had keys as opposed to a dial and it was a marvellous thing, rented from BT. A few years later we had a rover phone that we bought with an aerial that I could walk around the house with. The perception then of being able to talk to someone in another country and see them in real time was wildly fantastical and futuristic and as some people were saying the end of any privacy.

It was like the Big Brother state becoming a reality!

Now is it such a bad thing that everyone knows everyone else’s business, that photo’s and videos of family outings are shared. Thoughts are no longer kept to oneself but is it Big Brother?

There is a new thing now an app that lets you explore the world through someone else’s eyes by Twitter. Turn it on and people can see your every move! Not sure about this one yet.

If the future frightens you live today, the future is an experience waiting to happen.

Love Unconditionally

Love Unconditionally the blog of Jane Bregazzi

It’s hard at the moment I won’t deny it. I was awake again at 4.00am with a fast heart of the AF type and full of wind (really must stop eating beans). Still awake at 5.30, very tired knowing that the old ticker will be doing a dance for a few hours.

Just thinking though about some thoughts, they hit you at the most unusual times, that ran through my mind when I went to Cornwall last for Arthur’s 5 and half birthday. Bummer being born of Boxing day especially when you’re young, so Sas gives Arthur his birthday in June, much better idea. It was lovely weather for it in the garden. Anyway driving down there and thinking as I do, worrying about things I suddenly realised that being able to love unconditionally makes everything alright.

Loving in your heart and mind and not expecting or wanting or even needing anything back is just a great place to be. It actually means that no one can take anything from you and if that is the case then you have no other responsibilities except to yourself.

Lovely 🙂

Mother’s Day

Mothers day gift the blog of Jane Bregazzi

On this bright and wonderful day I have come to reflect on this day in particular. I am given to characteristic bursts of philosophy from time to time. As my Dreamer profile reflects though I rarely take action, choosing to dream only about my thoughts so most never see the light of day.

A post though on Face Book has reminded me how I feel about the cycle of life said by my friend, now life partner and colleague Jonathan Chase. Went like this: “Have you ever had that awful moment when you realise you’ve grown up into your parents?”

There is also a song from way back by Cowboy Junkies. The line in a song goes “became their mothers and their fathers without a sound”.

Oh yes this got me thinking!

First off was the thought that even though your childhood, in years, seems to be the shortest time when you look back it seems to be the longest time of your life because of the lessons you learn, and then perpetuating the behaviour, ideals and philosophies of your parents as you grow up.

I still believe that your parents are your life hypnotists.

But there is more to growing up than just accepting those ideals and behaviours. It seems to me that even rebellious people perpetuate the same behaviours they hated but in a more pronounced way.

This leads me to another saying that a friend gave me when I was just 16 he was 20 – not my boyfriend as he was going out with, and eventually married the woman who lodged with my parents. His wisdom though has stuck with me: “It’s a wise man that learns by his own mistakes. It’s a wiser one that learns by the mistakes of others”. If you don’t take this literally i.e never learning by your own mistakes, it can be seen as a great way to Not become you mothers and your fathers without a sound.

I loved and respected both my parents with all my heart. They gave me everything I ever needed as a child, care, support, love and it was only in the last few years of their lives when dad became Alzheimic and mum had a devastating stroke that left her bed bound and dependant on constant care for 3 years, that they came to depend on the family to return that love and support and I learned again valuable lessons about choice.

We can choose the life we want and can choose Not to become our parents, instead learn the lessons in life that they provided for us and become the people we want to be. And instead of perpetuating lessons, give our children something greater. The ability to choose the bits they liked and discard the bits they hated!

Love you Mum on this day wherever you are. And forever love to my children.mothersdafodils2014-gwensmall

Being an Author

Jane Bregazzi

I attended the Stephanie Hale Millionaire Authors Bootcamp which was an awesome experience.

I’m going to write a book the concept of which is to inspire others who have gone through life in my position that it doesn’t have to be like it is and that everyone can beat social phobia.

Plus the fact I think my life has been all about ‘Finding Me – Finding You’ (working title) and I will enjoy writing it.

Watch this space

Waving to seals

Waving at seals Jane Bregazzi

Happy New Year 2012.

I walked in the rain today down to the sea, and there on the shore line I had an encounter with a seal. The seal was swimming along the shoreline, very close to the beach. Every now and again it stopped and had a look around at one point it stared at me and I found myself waving. Encounters with large mammals of the sea is such an awe inspiring event that it made me feel so great especially today 1/1/2012.

Arthur and Layla Jane BregazziAt the very end of  2008 my grandson Arthur was born my parents died in 2010 and on 15th August 2011 my grandaughter Layla was born.

Arthur has just turned 3 – gosh how time flies.

Wow technology eh!

My new grandchild at 30wks. Saw he or she yawn on video just amazing. Don’t want to appear obsessive but I when I think back to when my children were born and I wasn’t even offered a scan at all except with my youngest because I’d had problems, and then only at 12 wks, as an aside she was born 6 wks early. Things have come on a pace in the last 30 years.

Time Flies

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I updated this blog. My grandson is now obviously 2 and my daughter is expecting her second child.