Know Yourself

I was told a startling truth today. Not startling in the sense I was devastated by it but startled in the sense I knew it but had never taken notice of it or looked at it in simple terms.

I do not mind other people’s opinion of me, what I look like, how I dress, what I say.

It was a rule of my life that had protected me all my life from others and what they might have to say about me.

Maybe born out of social anxiety that appeared to control me for 35yrs. Maybe the lesson learned was a self awareness an inner strength because ultimately you are alone in this world.

Not an island, not through the outer walls that we build, not through the walls of thorns and barbed wire that keep you safe, more a lack of doubt that you know yourself and are happy about what you see inside, constantly learning to correct anything that you may find contentious – not really you.

Being true to yourself is perhaps the hardest thing we have to come to terms with, we all play roles to protect ourselves, but true protection comes from within in knowing yourself.

Do you have Core Rapport?

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