Love Unconditionally

It’s hard at the moment I won’t deny it. I was awake again at 4.00am with a fast heart of the AF type and full of wind (really must stop eating beans). Still awake at 5.30, very tired knowing that the old ticker will be doing a dance for a few hours.

Just thinking though about some thoughts, they hit you at the most unusual times, that ran through my mind when I went to Cornwall last for Arthur’s 5 and half birthday. Bummer being born of Boxing day especially when you’re young, so Sas gives Arthur his birthday in June, much better idea. It was lovely weather for it in the garden. Anyway driving down there and thinking as I do, worrying about things I suddenly realised that being able to love unconditionally makes everything alright.

Loving in your heart and mind and not expecting or wanting or even needing anything back is just a great place to be. It actually means that no one can take anything from you and if that is the case then you have no other responsibilities except to yourself.

Lovely 🙂

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