Future Projections

Do you even think about the future? What is future to you?

No I’m not thinking of the children’s or the grandchildren’s future, let’s be a bit myopic here I’m still on my future!

In the 1980’s we had a red phone that could be plugged into a phone socket it had keys as opposed to a dial and it was a marvellous thing, rented from BT. A few years later we had a rover phone that we bought with an aerial that I could walk around the house with. The perception then of being able to talk to someone in another country and see them in real time was wildly fantastical and futuristic and as some people were saying the end of any privacy.

It was like the Big Brother state becoming a reality!

Now is it such a bad thing that everyone knows everyone else’s business, that photo’s and videos of family outings are shared. Thoughts are no longer kept to oneself but is it Big Brother?

There is a new thing now https://www.periscope.tv an app that lets you explore the world through someone else’s eyes by Twitter. Turn it on and people can see your every move! Not sure about this one yet.

If the future frightens you live today, the future is an experience waiting to happen.

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