Only 7 Things – the cat knows

That’s right, it’s what I’ve learnt about the conscious mind. It’s an induction. Confuse the conscious mind with 7 things to think about and it quite literally gives up, says “what’s all this about I can’t cope” and bang! over to your subconscious – which is the seat of all our dreams and desires, our gut feelings, our imaginations, what we truly feel about things – how we know ourselves.

So just today after several years of being in a state of confusion, my conscious mind being spoon fed tons of ideas (not just 7!) but countless ideas, the internet is such a confusion now of internet marketing and marketers, saying do this do that, you’ve only got 3 seconds to get someone on your side, don’t give them too many choices, be clear with your message.

But WHAT message, What am I doing?

What’s at MY core?

There’s suddenly a screaming going on that says: But who are you really?

Well first off let’s really simplify – not the website or other people’s choices, or the social interactions or the obsessions that we have surrounded ourselves with, it’s more than 7 things and I’ve just shut down – I’ve gone POP, you’ve gone POP, we’ve all gone POP.

Don’t even think about who you are because the marketers will tell you differently, they’ll tell you you’ve got to step outside your comfort zone or you won’t be successful, others will tell you you’ve got to take massive action, others will tell you, you’ve got to go on a journey (oooooh, to the last one).

You don’t actually have to do any of that. You’re overthinking, you’re overloading it’s more than 7 things! Because even in that 1 thing – there’s more than 7 things you have to do.

Let’s strip it out and just get down to a bit of honesty here. To find out your core values, which is just another way of saying I want to be ME, stop hiding behind everyone else’s opinions of not upsetting the apple cart, stop trying to be liked by everyone and just let it out.

What do you really think about the world and other people? Because when you determine that and you adjust your behaviour to reflect those thoughts then you can be at peace with yourself. When you are at peace with yourself then nothing else matters.

Be like the cat, it either is or it isn’t – there’s no shades of grey!

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