Are you afraid of falling on your face?

So you’ve had a great idea – it presses all your bells and whistles you feel wonderful, inspired, truly wonderful. Then along comes another thought, a thought that says hey wait a minute, lets think about this, what if I fall on my face and when I’m there, how long do I stay down.

So maybe you don’t see that great idea through because you are afraid of falling on your face.

What if though you realise that all the people in the world are doing the very things that you want to do because these are your ideas and you think you can do better. The one thing that separates them from you is that they are doing them and you aren’t. And why aren’t you doing them? Because you’re afraid of falling on your face.

You need to change the patterns that create the fear. You need to see your things through – you need to take action.

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