Reiki and Chinosis

I read a personal Reiki experience a few days ago and having thought about realise how well Reiki and Chinosis will work together.

The woman who was being treated for arthritis pain and who had never experienced any kind of healing before reported being very relaxed and seeing colours. She also reported no sense of time passing and was surprised to find an hour had passed.

She was delighted with the treatment an reported no pain whilst sitting – however she fully expected to get pain when she walked – I wonder who gave her that suggestion.

If the Rieiki practioner had known how to coach Chinosis she could have used it first to change the emotional response to the pain before the Reiki session. As the woman had entered a trance state anyway in the session the Reiki practioner could have beeen putting positive suggestions in all the way through – like there will be no discomfort while sitting or walking or going about your life.

Wow what a combination.

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