Get your energies right and good stuff will come

Happy New year! 2007 is going to be great – mind you that’s the optimism that starts every year and mostly good stuff does happen.

There are times though when it doesn’t and nobody is immune to outside stressors, worries and fears.

So how do we achieve emotional control and balance. How do we symbolise things?

Here are two little excercises I want you to do. Close your eyes and think of a door – describe that door to yourself – out loud as if you’re talking to someone else who is with you and if someone else is with you then great, describe the door to them.

Now think of say – depression and describe it or maybe just describe some emotion that you feel around a problem that might be holding you back from something.

Now you have given it a shape – a colour – maybe a visual – now you can see it doesn’t seem so bad does it.

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