Personal Development is a scam!

I couldn’t help but make a comment on this youtube about whether the people writing self help books and or making sense of the law of attraction are just making money out of gullible people.

Because I with my partner Jonathan Chase are in this industry I have a personal and vested interest in what is being said and think it’s no more of a scam than anything else.

The criticisms are that self help books don’t work and that they just exploit the vulnerable. I would argue that no one forces anyone to buy self help books or any other kind of books.

Is a best selling author making money out of people who continually buy their works of fiction? Of course they are, but an individual chooses to buy these books because they get a lot out of them. So when the author writes another book that isn’t as good as the last one but still people buy it because they thought they were going to get something out of it and they don’t, is that author then exploiting those people?

The same could be said of music – some people getting very rich at the expense of the gullible, because the gullible happen to like their music? Are all bestselling authors, musicians, actors, performers, entertainers getting fat and happy out of the gullible who happen to buy these things?

Some people just don’t want to be free of their problems and are looking for a quick fix and they will keep buying till they find it.

Quick fixes aside it seems odd to me that anyone can shout scam about one thing and not about all and every single industry – we are all guilty of wanting to be successful, otherwise what is the point in doing anything at all.

We all want to feel that someone will buy or get something from what we have to offer, we all want to give of ourselves – particularly those in the self help industry – surely that’s the point.

‘you are a miracle waiting to happen’

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