Paying Attention

Jon worked with me over the phone he asked me to close my eyes and go to my place – then this is what he said to me.

In your place is a thing:

Go to that thing – you’ll notice that thing – it’s always been there but you’ve never paid it attention before – now pay it some attention. When you get to that thing to open up the flow of energy that you need – you need to do something – do that thing now whatever it takes to open the flow. Do what you have to, to that thing with that thing or around that thing and when you’ve done what needs to be done just let me know.

What happened was strange and unusual I’m smiling about it now because it has lifted me.

My place is an outdoor swimming pool – the thing that shone out glinting in the sunshine was a huge buoy – not a simple ball but one of those marker buoys with a sort of metal tower on top of it. It was dark – maroon coloured, very dark and ugly. The thing that I did to the buoy was paint it and I painted it white, but not stopping there I heaved it onto the land and turned into a lighthouse – a beautifully shaped lighthouse all white and gleaming with the wonderful bright shining light on top. I felt very satisfied and very much lighter.

Now writing this immediately after I feel full of happy optimism like the world is a wonderful place – full of opportunities to take me to wonderful places and achieve miraculous things.

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