Are you afraid of falling on your face?

So you’ve had a great idea – it presses all your bells and whistles you feel wonderful, inspired, truly wonderful. Then along comes another thought, a thought that says hey wait a minute, lets think about this, what if I fall on my face and when I’m there, how long do I stay down.

So maybe you don’t see that great idea through because you are afraid of falling on your face.

What if though you realise that all the people in the world are doing the very things that you want to do because these are your ideas and you think you can do better. The one thing that separates them from you is that they are doing them and you aren’t. And why aren’t you doing them? Because you’re afraid of falling on your face.

You need to change the patterns that create the fear. You need to see your things through – you need to take action.

Change your language

I have returned from the sleepy world. Maybe my technique works too well.

I was out the other day and heard this bit of wisdom. Eliminate the words Don’t Not and No from your your vocabularly.

When you change the way you say things then your thoughts vibrate in a different way and you start to get what you focus on.

For example you might say – “Don’t forget” instead say “remember” – “I don’t want to see you do that again” instead say “Do it this way”

Always focus on what you want. Use Chinosis to do this if you need to change your mindset.

My mind is often too busy to sleep?

Tossing and turning – worrying about this and about that – am I happy enough?

When I get like this and everybody does, no matter who they are because our emotional state will always affect us in some way.

What I do is close my eyes and imagine that wonderful feeling of sleep – the feeling usually throws up images ranging from pizza bases to feathers. With an image in mind I then very gently rub my throat chakra. The next thing I know is when I’m waking up feeling refreshed.

Detsress and live a little.


Paying Attention

Jon worked with me over the phone he asked me to close my eyes and go to my place – then this is what he said to me.

In your place is a thing:

Go to that thing – you’ll notice that thing – it’s always been there but you’ve never paid it attention before – now pay it some attention. When you get to that thing to open up the flow of energy that you need – you need to do something – do that thing now whatever it takes to open the flow. Do what you have to, to that thing with that thing or around that thing and when you’ve done what needs to be done just let me know.

What happened was strange and unusual I’m smiling about it now because it has lifted me.

My place is an outdoor swimming pool – the thing that shone out glinting in the sunshine was a huge buoy – not a simple ball but one of those marker buoys with a sort of metal tower on top of it. It was dark – maroon coloured, very dark and ugly. The thing that I did to the buoy was paint it and I painted it white, but not stopping there I heaved it onto the land and turned into a lighthouse – a beautifully shaped lighthouse all white and gleaming with the wonderful bright shining light on top. I felt very satisfied and very much lighter.

Now writing this immediately after I feel full of happy optimism like the world is a wonderful place – full of opportunities to take me to wonderful places and achieve miraculous things.

You are a miracle waiting to happen

Every time we open our eyes in the morning, every time we make a movement, every time we take a breath the miracle of us begins. How do we do these things and isn’t it marvelous, isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it miraculous.

Awaken to yourself and understand the miracle you are.

Driving Energy

Communication is amazing these days – sharing things with those we love – with friends – with work colleagues.

Standing in queues on mountain tops we can share our experiences instantly using the energy that is around us that has allowed technology to work in this way.

How many of us know how to use this energy to communicate with ourselves – to get in touch with the side of us we know is there.

Do you realize that it takes years of focus and attention for a martial arts expert to channel this internal energy to be able to break through that stone block or develop the intuitive skill called the sixth sense.

This energy and skill is inside each and every one of us and it is your choice whether you learn to use it or not.

Do you realize though that thought is energy and that the things you crave, the things you dream about doing and being are just a thought away. Some people get what they want, some people can break that stone block – so is there any reason why you can’t – the answer is focus and action but how do you get your mindset right – how do you communicate with that niggly little voice that says “no I can’t” and turn it into “yes I can”?

Chinosis has been developed to allow you to do just that, with a simple physical ritual that focuses the attention of the part of your mind that says “I wish I could” to allow you access to the part of your mind that says “no I can’t because…” to turn it into “actually I can”.

It is the part of the mind that says “no I can’t because…” that we need to be in control of the non-conscious, black and white, inner child part of us that is the seat of all our emotions, desires, fears and actions. By accessing this part of the mind miracles appear to happen. No they don’t appear to happen, it is a miracle that you can do anything at all, but you can and do.

Chinosis uses a simple ritual in the form of self applied acupressure and hypnotic symbolism to change your mindset from “no I can’t” to “yes I can”. It is the simplest most effective form of self hypnosis and meditation you will ever come across.

Say “yes I can” to your wants and desires – release that energy power within you like so many already have.

Use the simplicity of Chinosis to choose happiness.

Chinosis is something from us to you.