On the beach

I was walking today, the sun was sharp the sky was blue. A really clear day. I did my usual beach walk, which takes me under the railway line and up some steps onto the sea wall. A short waist high wall separates the railway line. It is a main railway line between Penzance on the far south west of England and the rest of the country, London, Glasgow.
An extraordinary piece of railway, built next to the sea and disappearing into cliff tunnels.
I had gone down the steps on my way back and onto the beach as the tide was out, walking along looking at the sea and the horizon, I stopped and turned to see an old 2nd world war bomber just hugging the coast, seemed near enough to touch, almost silent – very surreal.
It reminded me of a similar experience in south west France a while ago, when on holiday on that pencil thin stretch of coast that goes from the Girand estuary to Biaritz. It was near the Dune Du Pilat and although warm there was a mist and having climbed to the top of a sand Dune and starting to walk downwards, out of the mist loomed this huge plane, again a world war 2 bomber – just there hugging the coast.
It is amazing how time comes together.

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