My beloved cat Moggy

Moggy adopted our family 12 years ago in Falmouth where I was living full time with my two girls and husband.
She was Joanna’s cat across the road but she wasn’t happy there as she’d come to Joanna via a friend who could no longer look after her. Moggy was originally a farm cat but ended up at the RSPCA. From there she’d been adopted by Joanna’s friend.
She was of an indeterminate age when we started to look after her, perhaps 4 or 5.
I brought her to Devon with me 9 months ago where she settled and was very content.
She was always an outdoor cat and in the last few weeks had been catching a variety of small creatures. Mice and a shrew that she brought into the kitchen live that we had a game at removing, shrew’s are small and can run fast! 4 days ago a dead rat.
last Sunday June 24th she accompanied me whilst I started to clear some garden of dead grass. She was behaving a little strangely as she just kept curling up and going to sleep as though life was getting a bit too much for her. She seemed very purry and affectionate.
She had been off her food a bit but that was nothing unusual – then she started eating again and seemed quite bright on Monday, although Monday evening she seemed very tired and a bit floppy.
On Monday night about 11.30 I picked her up off the sofa and put her in her basket in the kitchen for the night as usual. She was very tired and curled up immediately.
She has a cat flap so she can come and go and I know that she goes out at night or at least early morning. She often isn’t there for breakfast, but is usually just outside on the bench, waiting or nearby and as soon as she hears the door she’s in like a shot.
Tuesday morning 27th June, this didn’t happen as usual. She still hadn’t appeared by 12.00 noon. She’s never gone missing before. I can only think that she died in her sleep. That she curled up in her favourite outside spot, just doing what a cat does.
She was a much loved cat, a beautiful cat that won the hearts of all those she came into contact with – affectionately known as: Moggy Moo, Scumbag Cat, Miss Mog, Mog Dogs and Mogs.
You will never be forgotten.


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